Terms & Conditions The Hair Fairy Limited

This is the part we hate, but we can assure you that at The Hair Fairy Limited we want all our clients to leave feeling 100% satisfied and will go above and beyond to fix any issues that may arise. But we have had to list our terms and conditions to avoid any awkward moments or confusion.

This website is owned and operated by The Hair Fairy Limited, trading as Hair Fairy Essex. By using our services you accept these terms and conditions.


1: We offer free consultations but if you fail to give at least 48hours notice to cancel your appointment, then we will require a £20 deposit to re book you in for a further consultation, £10 for a missed appointment and £10 for new consultation appointment, which will be deducted off your final amount if you proceed with having your extensions fitted.

2: Consultations are booked for 10 minute slots, if you fail to arrive on time, you will have to re book and the above will apply.

3: You will be asked to fill out a questionnaire, it is your responsibility to inform us of any medication or medical history that could effect you having extensions.

4: If you are currently pregnant or have had a baby in the last 6 months you will be informed about the possible risks and understand that The Hair Fairy Limited will hold no responsibility to any adverse reactions if you still decide to proceed with having your hair extensions fitted.


1: After you have had a consultation we will require a 50% deposit to secure your booking, this is non refundable once hair has been ordered in.

2: On consultations we will help you choose the perfect method and hair type, we will then use our colour swabs to create the perfect blend of shades to match your natural hair. We will ask you if you agree with these colours and lengths. By paying your deposit you are agreeing with these and if hair colour is altered before fitting, this will be no fault of The Hair Fairy Limited.

3: If you need to move your appointment date, we require at least 1 weeks notice, failure to do this will result in loss of deposit.

4: We accept £100 deposits for clients wishing to book further ahead. Remaining deposit is required 2 weeks prior to fitting.

5: On your consultation you will be given a shampoo to wash your hair in before your fitting, it is so important that all the steps we give you are followed. If you arrive to your fitting appointment and your hair hasn’t been washed correctly, or conditioner has been used, you will loose your deposit. If you decide you wish to proceed with the fitting, even though we have informed you that your hair is too oily, we will accept no responsibility for any sliding of strands or hair shedding that may occur because of this.


The Hair Fairy Limited do not offer refunds after hair extensions have been fitted. Once Hair extensions have been fitted they cannot be resold for hygiene reasons. 
On the rare occasion that you are not completely satisfied with the service you have received or any issues with the hair extensions themselves please get in contact with us as soon as possible and we will book you in to access any issues and try to rectify them.


1: On your consultation you will be given a leaflet explaining everything you need to do to keep your extensions in tip top condition (also stated on this website) if you fail to follow this, no responsibility will be accepted for damage caused by failure to follow.

2: You will be advised on when to have your maintenance checks. Please follow these as they are vital in maintaining your extensions. Maintenance checks allow us to assess how well you are doing with your extensions, If there are any that need removing or if there are any issues we can correct before any damage may occur. We will also be able to tell you how much longer you can have your extensions in for. We will accept no responsibility for any damaged caused through not attending a maintenance check.


1: You will be told what products can be used on your hair extensions, we also offer free shampoo to all clients having full or half head applications. These are then available to buy when it has run out. We will recommend the correct hairbrush to purchase. We will accept no responsibility if these product aren’t used. Please be very careful with using alternative shampoos as they can really affect the life span of your bonds.


Your hair extensions can be dyed as they are 100% human. However because the extensions are composed of dead hair (no longer attached to scalp) they will behave differently. Also the bonds that attach your extensions are super sensitive to anything other than the recommended shampoo. For this reason we advise clients not to dye their extensions, as we cannot accept any responsibility for damage caused to your extensions due to colouring.


We pride ourselves on client support every step of the way, from your first consultation, through to your removal, we will be there every step of the way. If you experience slight sensitivity to your scalp the first few days (up to a week) this is due to the bonds pressing against your scalp when you sleep, this will settle. Should a problem arise you must contact Hair Fairy Essex as soon as possible, to allow us to assess the problem and resolve it. Its’ extremely important to us to have happy clients so we will do our utmost to resolve any issues.

1: In the rare event that you experience an allergic reaction to the extensions or if your head becomes extremely sensitive or painful, you will need to have your extensions removed. You will not be given a refund for fitting or for the cost of the hair. However the extensions will be removed for free.

2: Should you simply change your mind, decide they are not for you, or you find them too much to manage this is non refundable and will be charged standard removal cost.

3: In the rare event of an issue with the hair quality (hair is a natural, organic, raw product) extensions will be removed and sent to our supplier for testing. Provided all the recommended aftercare and products been used, should a fault be found you will be offered a replacement set free of charge. Should you not accept the replacement a refund of the hair cost will be given but not for fitting as this was not a fault.


Wearing hair extensions in hot climates can have adverse effects on them.

1: We explain in depth about your hair extensions on holiday in your aftercare leaflet, and we always recommend clients to either; wait till they are back from holiday or to go with an old set. No responsibility is accepted for damage occurring/problems arising when worn in hot climates.


All the hair we offer is the best currently on the market and can last many months/years with the correct care. But as explained on this website, the bonds are only designed to last 3-6 months, so we allow clients to get their hair extensions re tipped by a third party – we do not offer re tipping service.

1: You understand that re tipped hair will not last quite as long as your first initial set (as these were tipped by machines).

2: We have no connection to getting your hair re tipped, this is for you to send off and organise.

3: If your hair hasn’t come back to you in time for your fitting appointment, and we have not been notified 48 hours before your appointment your deposit will be lost.

4: If you experience any reactions, hair shedding or loss of bonds, we will accept no responsibility.