Aftercare Get The Most From Your Hair

Although your hair is 100% human, once removed from its donor, it’s dead hair. It therefore cannot receive the nutrients it once did, so it’s now down to you to take care of them and feed them the relevant nutrients.

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Looking after your hair extensions is easy, however to maintain and provide the longest lasting and optimum results please follow these basic steps below:


1: Make sure you arrive to your fitting appointment with freshly washed hair (shampoo provided) and no conditioner or other hair products. This must be done before your appointment NOT the night before! We understand some clients may have an early appointment, but when you sleep your scalp releases oils and this can compromise how your extensions attach.

Hair should also be thoroughly dried and straighteners run through to smooth the cuticles down.

2: After your hair extensions have been fitted please DO NOT wash for at least 48 hours, this allows bonds to set.

3: Always brush your hair and extensions before you start to wash them.

4: A clarifying shampoo must be used when washing through the attachment area (normal shampoo can be used on ends and mid lengths ONLY), some shampoos can cause the bonds to break down and slide.

5: Always wash your hair upright standing in the shower, soak hair, then start to add the shampoo to your scalp, massaging with your fingers, make sure you really give your scalp a good scrub adding more water and shampoo as needed, until you create a foamy lava that covers your entire scalp. Adding shampoo isn’t necessary as shampoo added to your scalp will run through to the ends.

6: Never scrub ends of your extensions, only the scalp area. Instead stroke the hair in a downward motion, squeezing hair to release shampoo and water.

7: Make sure all shampoo is rinsed out thoroughly.

8: Add conditioner or treatment to ends and mid lengths, leave for a few minutes and rinse.

9: Wrap hair in a towel and leave for 5 minutes to soak out excess moisture. NEVER scrub hair to dry, instead use a blotting motion.


1: Do not attempt to brush your hair when soaking wet.

2: Using a hair dryer on a medium heat setting, rough dry your hair till it feels completely dry. Even when your hair extensions feel dry they will still be holding excess moisture. It’s this moisture that can cause the bonds to break down early, so it’s very important that the drying is done correctly.

3: Section hair as shown on fitting day.

4: Using a hair dryer and a brush at the same time, dry through the bonds/attachment areas. When your extensions are completely dry they will feel as soft as silk and as light as a feather.

5: Never leave hair extensions to dry naturally or leave them damp around bonds or attachment areas, this will prevent matting and moisture from damaging the bonds.


1: Make sure you brush your hair extensions at least twice a day

2: Section hair into small sections

3: Always brush hair from bottom to top, holding the top to add support

4: It’s VERY important to brush through your bond/attachment area (if having individuals). Your natural hair sheds on average 200 strands of hair a day, some of this shedding will occur where bonds are attached, these hairs should if brushed correctly, hang down around the bond (Like spiders legs), they cannot come free until your extensions are removed. If hair isn’t sectioned in small enough sections or the hairbrush doesn’t go through the attachments, these shed strands can get caught up, and if left can create matting above the bond.

5: We advise all clients to use a recommended hairbrush. Tangle tamers/teezers, loop or soft bristle brushes

6: It is common to loose a few strands here and there when brushing, especially the longer they have been in. Keep these strands safe, as you can re-tip (ultrasonic) and reuse. Or with mini tips we can reapply these on your maintenance appointment.


1: Your hair extensions are 100% human so you can pretty much treat them the same as your natural hair when styling.

2: Just like your natural hair, before using heated appliances, spray heat defence on ends but never spray or apply anything near the roots where the bonds are attached.

3: Heated tools, rollers, straighteners and tongs can all be used but please avoid the bonds.

4: If you go to a salon for a blow dry, please ensure your extensions are washed using the correct shampoo, dried correctly at the root are and the correct brush is used to brush through bonds.


1: Hair extensions should always be tied up or plaited during sleep – doing this will minimise the risk of matting caused by moving your head in your sleep.

2: Never go to bed with wet hair


Holidays can really affect the life span of your hair extensions. We would always advice you not to plan to have a new set right before going away.

1: Try to avoid getting your hair extensions wet in pool or sea water. If you do, make sure they are rinsed through with fresh water and a leave in conditioner sprayed through the ends.

2: Please be aware, as stated above, if your bonds are left wet they can start to break down early and they can start to turn white, which can result in hair shedding and sliding bonds.

3: Blonde shades must be careful not to use any oils or creams with colouring as your extensions may absorb these and change colour. If this does happen please don’t panic, it will fade out over time and silver shampoos (not to be used with new bonds) can speed this process up.

4: Please cover hair when sunbathing in direct sunlight as much as possible.